Good quality, accessible water resources are a primary component of any industrial or residential development. Throughout the world, and particularly in the GCC, access to water resources is limited and local jurisdictions look to desalination as a means of obtaining water supplies in desert areas.

It is this fundamental problem that led CCAGI’s parent company C&C Alpha Group, to create Alpha Utilities. Based in Sharjah, UAE, Alpha Utilities (AU) owns and operates a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant which generates 1.5 million gallons of water per day. With another 2.2 million gallon per day plant in the final stages of construction elsewhere in the region, AU is now the leading small-scale desalination technology company in the area.

Alpha Utilities develops utility projects in the Middle East with a focus on water and wastewater. AU specializes in small-scale BOOT plants enabling organisations and communities’ access to critical utility services without committing project capital and resources.

With over ten years extensive in-house technical capabilities, Alpha Utilities can take projects from design to commissioning. AU also supplies high quality industrial waters to a range of sectors as well as bulk drinking water for bottling.

Since its inception, AU has rapidly expanded to meet the growing demand for water in the region and in turn has developed an expert team of engineers, operators and project specialists to design, develop and operate plants for corporate customers.

Alpha Utilities has the experience, skills and expertise to build and operate water desalination plants of any scale and is well positioned to support the rapid, growing demand for desalination products and services in the region.

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